• animation & motion graphics
  • print & web design
  • video/film production
  • audio production

GARUDA is here to save the day.

GARUDA STUDIO is a collective of passionate and experienced creative professionals who take pride in putting forth extra effort to produce client-pleasing results; genuinely enjoying design challenges and enhancing established skills while learning and developing new ones.

Art & Design Training

Foundation in traditional art and design theory and techniques: illustration, cartooning, color and design theory

Video and Audio Production

In-depth knowledge, experience, and skill sets in all facets of video production, including scripting, camera, editing, post-production; also extensive experience with audio production: audio editing, cleanup/restoration, sound recording, and music production


Extensive experience, training, and passion for animation, including 2D character animation and 2D and 3D motion graphics, as well as compositing, storyboarding, and concept design

Watch our demo reel.

This video contains a preview of some of our best work. And, yes, we did the music too.
You can view the extended demo reel and more of our work in the featured section below.

What we can do for you.

We provide a wide variety of design, video, and audio services:

Motion Graphics

We produce broadcast and webcast-ready graphics packages (opens, transitions, monitor fills, lower thirds), videos and explainers., and film and TV program titles and overlays.

Animation & Visual Effects

Our abilities include hand-drawn and computer animation (layout, animation, modeling/texturing) as well as digital visual effects & compositing.

Production & Post Production for Film & Video

Video services we provide include non-linear film/video editing, audio editing and mixing for video, color correction and grading, video mastering and coordination of delivery methods, and DVD/Blu-Ray authoring.

Music & Audio Production

We can create music production tracks/beats, and also can provide music mixing and mastering, podcast/audiobook mixing and mastering, and audio restoration.

Digital Design

We design web page layouts, customize templates from WordPress and other content management systems, provide designed assets for distribution on various forms of social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), and provide digital photo retouching/restoration as well.

Print Design

We provide press-ready layouts for posters, flyers, brochures, business cards, and other printed items, and also assist with the coordination of print jobs with your shop or company of choice.


A few of our favorites.

This is just a selection of the work we have done.
You can browse through our entire portfolio by visiting the portfolio page.


The Weather Channel Explores: SnakeStorm

Broadcast Design

Weather Underground Broadcast Graphics

Broadcast Design

Prospectors Print Ad

Print Design

UNITECH PE Demo Animation & Menus

Motion Design

The Weather Channel Set Graphics

Broadcast Design

K. Brandon Cordy/Garuda Studio Demo Reel (Extended Version)

Motion Graphics, Post-Production, and more

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We are located in the Atlanta, GA area.